TCRFC Accomplishments

Here are few of our recent activities and accomplishments.

  • The Coalition has been awarded more than $1 million in federal grants for development of updated DFIRMs and hazard mitigation planning.
  • FEMA has approved the 2011 TCRFC Hazard Mitigation Action Plan for 61 communities, Creating a Disaster-Resistant Lower Colorado River Basin.
  • The Coalition initiated a Map Needs Assessment to collect and rank unmet map needs from member communities throughout the basin.  This Assessment is updated yearly.
  • The Coalition is working with TWDB and FEMA to address the collected unmet map needs through the Cooperating Technical Partner (CTP) program with TWDB as the CTP.  As part of this effort a $10.2 million, 5-year mapping plan has been submitted to FEMA.  This resulted in FEMA awarding the TCRFC $700,000 for the Year One Mapping Activity Statement focused in the San Bernard watershed.
  • The Coalition has supported several member applications for TWDB Flood Protection Planning Grants resulting in approximately $1.8 million awarded to study local flooding issues.
  • The Coalition supported FEMA’s Map Modernization program that generated new DFIRM’s for 6 of the TCRFC counties.
  • The Coalition has supported LCRA, CAPCOG, and the TWDB to acquire LiDAR for portions within all of the TCRFC counties.