How to Join

To join the Texas Colorado River Floodplain Coalition and take advantage of the benefits and help better the lives of those in your communities, follow these easy steps:

  1. Bring the Interlocal Agreement with accompanying authorizing order before your elected board for approval.
  2. Authorized signer then signs the Interlocal Agreement, which is then notarized.
  3. Local government then passes Appointing Resolution to appoint two members to the Executive Committee and two members to the Technical Committee.
  4. Submit membership dues to Texas Colorado River Floodplain Coalition.
  5.  Mail copies of the Interlocal Agreement, Appointing Resolution, and membership dues to


P.O. Box 2533

Cedar Park, TX 78613-9998.

If you are a community in the lower Colorado River basin or surrounding area, I invite you to join the Texas Colorado River Floodplain Coalition (TCRFC) and participate in the many beneficial activities offered by the Coalition.

Currently, 64 cities and counties in the Colorado River basin and surrounding areas have joined together to form this public safety oriented Coalition. With the assistance of affected stakeholder groups, TCRFC has been working over the past five (10) years to implement a consensus-based agreement to improve the effectiveness and coordination of local floodplain management programs.

Membership in the Coalition has brought a number of benefits/services to member communities including:

  • Technical assessment of local floodplain management programs with recommendations;
  • Floodplain management and weather safety training workshops;
  • Assistance with FEMA’s Mapping Programs;
  • Assistance in meeting FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Planning requirements to maintain community eligibility for federal disaster relief funds through the Basinwide All Hazards Mitigation Action Plan;
  • TCRFC Web Mapping Service provides online floodplain information for members communities;
  • TCRFC website ( houses a multitude of floodplain management and safety resources;
  • Assistance in qualifying and applying for participation in the Community Rating System (CRS) and SkyWarn Programs;
  • Assistance pursuing funding from federal and state grant monies to update  floodplain maps for the remainder of the basin;
  • Assistance to local communities to participate in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s Flood Control Feasibility Study Program;
  • Improved mapping and planning tools;
  • Consistent basinwide floodplain management;
  • Regional leverage on legislative and funding Issues;
  • TCRFC Grant Funding Guide and Texas Quick Guide;

Coalition costs are nominal for member communities. I strongly urge your community to favorably consider joining the Coalition. If you have any questions or need for additional information, please do not hesitate to contact TCRFC, at 512-260-1366 or

Please contact us at any time if we can help your community become a member!