Mission, Goals and Objectives


The Steering Committee proposed and the Executive Committee adopted a Mission Statement to reflect the cooperative spirit resulting from the first Summit. This Statement is intended to be used by future committees as a guide in developing the charter for the proposed coalition.

“Encourage comprehensive consistent management of the floodplain along the Colorado River and its tributaries; provide a forum for data exchange; and facilitate a structured approach to managing the complex issues related to floodplain management.”



  • Cooperative arrangement for floodplain management.
  • Mechanism for sharing ideas and programs.
  • Assist local government with technology, emergency management, training.
  • Have a single entity partner with which State and Federal agencies can correspond.
  • Current Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS) – Countywide.
  • Public Education


Technical Objectives
        • Adopt uniform standards for development.
          • Create and maintain accurate and current base mapping.
          • Benchmarks
          • Corporate boundaries
          • Roads
          • Streams
        • Review and comment on LOMCs.
          • Facilitate access to approved LOMCs.
        • Maintenance of current H&H models.
        • Update Zone A to establish BFE &¬†flood ways.
Emergency Management Objectives
        • Facilitate local floodplain management and emergency management program coordination.
        • Coordinate federal, state, and local resources and programs
          (Project Impact, HMGP, FMAP, Challenge 21, NPDES, and ICC).
        • Help local communities meet state requirements for emergency response.
        • Facilitate a “flood preparedness plan” annex.
        • Promote emergency communication/notification – NOAA, LCRA radios, local media.
Training Objectives
        • Coordinate state and federal training programs.
        • Provide technical training for floodplain management and emergency managers.
        • Training for consistent hydrologic/hydraulic modeling.
        • Training for stakeholders (insurance, lenders, surveyors, and developers).
        • Training for local officials (legal issues as well as floodplain management).
        • Public Awareness.
        • Maintain a resource pool of Mutual Aid Trainers/Emergency Response Personnel.
Legislative / Legal / Funding Objectives
        • Work with Council Of Governments.
        • Develop and manage annual budget – Administrative.
        • Identify and pursue additional funding for diversified sources.
        • Review and educate lawmakers on related legislative issues as a coalition and via lobbyists associated with other agencies.
        • Assist with solicitation of federal funds for capital projects.