Year 1 Mapping Activity Statement

The TCRFC coordinated closely with the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) to apply for a FEMA Cooperation Technical Partner (CTP) grant.  Halff utilized the results of the Multi-Year Floodplain Mapping Plan and Map Needs Assessment (MNA) to develop a Mapping Activity Statement (MAS) as the basis of the CTP grant.  The San Bernard Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) includes the streams within the 8-digit HUC that ranked the highest in the MNA, combined with communities that had available leverage, and was also ranked high on the FEMA Coordinated Needs Management Strategy (CNMS) prioritization.  Therefore, a FEMA CTP Grant was awarded to TWDB/TCRFC for the San Bernard HUC.  This study is referred to as the TCRFC Year One MAS (YR 1 MAS).

In September 2011, FEMA officially awarded TWDB and TCRFC $700,000 in grant funding for the YR 1 MAS.  On December 9, 2011, the TCRFC board contracted Halff Associates to execute the tasks of the YR 1 MAS.  The project will be implemented in multiple phases with the initial task to Perform Project Discovery and associated Project Outreach activities.  The goal of the YR 1 MAS is to utilize planning information previously developed by the TCRFC communities to document the Discovery Process, prepare floodplain mapping and eventually update DFIRM maps for areas within the San Bernard watershed.

San Bernard Discovery

For more information on the San Bernard Discovery effort please click here.